About Us

Let no one, be they Gods, Monarchs, or Laymen, stand in the way of bringing high magic back to Elyria.

Such is the self-admittedly lofty goal pursued by Mirrorvale and its inhabitants. Whether through mysticism, mundane medical idea, alchemical concoctions, or plain scientific experimentation, Mirrorvale toils tirelessly to bring about a new age of wonder fashioned by the harnessing of nature, the works of Mann, and the Aetheric forces that connect every Elyrian to their immortal soul.

–These are the amazing people striving to make our goal a reality:

Count Blackshoes
Count & Leader

a.k.a. Dr. Quick. Count of Mirrorvale who runs the Halls of Incidence – the University at Reflection, and administrates…

Jr. Founder

Mayor of Mercy.    

Dust Arenaceous

Second-in-command of Mirrorvale, a scientist, philosopher, and tunnel rat. Likely to be involved with more subterranean pursuits, seeking lost…