Count Blackshoes

a.k.a. Dr. Quick.

Count of Mirrorvale who runs the Halls of Incidence – the University at Reflection, and administrates many of the counties “special projects”. Count Blackshoes is rumored to be from an old family, no one can quite decide which one but a Blackshoes has been around as long as Mirrorvale itself. When he is not running the county affairs he can usually be found tinkering with a newly designed piece of experiment, or assisting with a surgery.



While I can’t claim by any means to be the only contributor to the culture and direction of the county, I can claim to be the first one.

I wanted Mirrorvale to be the kind of fascinating place, but on a large scale, that we sometimes run into in a game, you know, the “strange room” or corner of a city zone that makes you go, oh cool they are /-Raising the dead, creating robots, constructing golems, performing unnecessary surgery -/ in here.

I believe that medicine and engineering made science palatable in a world that was predisposed to fear those that push the envelope and try to uncover the unknown, or just the ideas previously un-thought of.