What is Mirrorvale?

Personally I think of it as a unique place for unquiet minds.

Hi, I’m Blackshoes, Architect of this project, Count of Mirrorvale – and that isn’t what you came here for. You came to find out – what is Mirrorvale?

–It’s a space like any other, but this space has a focus; that focus is pushing the boundaries of what a like-minded group of individuals can do with an open sandbox game like CoE. What we might build and what mystical, and dare I say scientific force, might we bring to bear to get us there.

Are we mad scientists, old god worshipers, arcane masters, or just con artists?

I’ll let history label us, for now we can claim to be out of the box thinkers, original and effective idea crafters.

Come, stay a while and find out if you are one of us too.